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Active Projects

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Website Development & Maintenance

Development:  Portland Web Marketing (PWM) builds custom websites...

Bottom line, we can build a website that meets your needs!

To keep website development costs down, PWM integrates previously developed modules (e.g., contact (form and database), FLASH image viewers, fading testimonials, etc.) when ever possible. PWM only develops "custom" code when required.

Maintenance:  PWM will work with you to determine the best way to maintain your website. To keep website maintenance costs down, PWM has developed 2 types of Content Management Systems (CMS) so that you can manage your website.

Call us today to discuss your website needs. Our initial consultation is FREE!

Domain Selection, Registration, & Management
PWM can help you select your domain, register your domain, and find a host for your domain, or migrate your domain from one host to another. PWM will help you set up an account, so that you have control over your account. Should you need to make changes to your account, you will not have to rely on a intermediary.

If you want to sell something on or through your website, PWM can incorporate it into your website. Included in our e-commerce service offering is support for...

  • secure shopping carts
  • taking payments (setting up on-line merchant accounts)
  • establishing a return and refund policies

Live/3rd Party Feeds

NW Doppler Weather RadarThere are many forms of video feeds (live traffic web cams or satellite weather) and animated graphics (stock tickers) that can be integrated for free on your website. While you are surfing the internet, make note of the websites and the specific items of interest on those websites, so PWM can help you integrate them on your website.

Link Checking/Testing & Proofreading
One of the biggest ways to make your website look unprofessional is to have misspelled words and broken links. PWM will proofread your entire website checking for correct grammar, correct spelling, and the correct word (e.g., site vs. sight, their vs. there). We will also test every link on your website to ensure that they are all functioning properly.

As part of our comprehensive website support, PWM also support the following blogging related activities:

  • Set up
  • Posting
  • Blog maintenance

Banner Ads
PWM can design your website to accept paid banner ads from other companies. Likewise, PWM can help you design banner ads that can be displayed on other websites. As customer with a new website, the easiest way to have your banner ads show up on another company's website is to make and an arrangement to exchange banner ads.

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